Murray Hotel Vancouver

Murray Hotel Vancouver

Murray Hotel 1119 Hornby Street, Vancouver

Murray Hotel, A cheap downtown Vancouver hotel in the evening light ..

1119 Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC. Listed as new building from 1914 to 1919. Listed as RCMP Barracks in 1920. Level B Heritage – Significant Represents good examples of a particular style or type, either individually or collectively; may have some documented historical or cultural significance in a neighborhood.

Another example of a beautiful early 20th century Vancouver building which must have housed many important visitors to Vancouver.

Photographer: W. J Moore

The above view is from 1925 ..

This view is from today.. A little different!

Murray Hotel .. Fight The DevelopmentTower Block To Be Built Next To Murray Hotel

This project needs to be thought all the way; it is criminal in this day and age what we are doing with our cities, this is a heritage building and needs to be saved. In my opinion there is nothing worse you can do with a old building than just leave a facade, it defeats the whole point of heritage!

This project adjacent to the Murray Hotel on Hornby street has been brought back to life. It was one of many projects that fell off the radar during the economic calamity of 2008. Fast forward to 2012 and Kenstone Preperties has partnered with architects Henriquez Partner to construct a 164 unit 20 story tower on 1155 Hornby Street. The base of tower will be town homes, which is normal for that part of Hornby Street.

The Murray Hotel, next to the project, will remain as low-income housing, however it will get a facade rehabilitation

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7 Responses to Murray Hotel Vancouver

  1. Nik says:

    It is my understanding that the whole building will be retained – not just the facade.

  2. Frank Hoesan says:

    I can’t even dare you would even try to disrespect the murray hotel! Okay sure, it’s not in the best condition…. But I agree with my wife fran that no service can compare to the Murray hotel.. Who really cares about the bugs anyways? Thats no big deal. the historical significance of this hotel is uncompared to any other hotel in Canadian history, I just love to stay there it’s such a blast to the past. My heart swells with joy every time we visit

  3. Margaret says:

    the murray hotel. aahh. good memories come flooding back to my memory. I remember I stayed here, when I had nothing except the clothes on my back, and some cash. but this hotel was home for me. it wasn’t the cleanest, and it was old, but it saved me. now, I have enough money to stay in nicer hotels, and I probably wont ever go back to the murray again..but i will never forget it. it brings tears to my eyes to think how much this hotel has changed me.

  4. Fran Hoesan says:

    We all know it’s not the prettiest, but I think what matters here is the service and accommodations. I can’t say it was my best experience with hotels, but it definetly left some kind of mark in me…a memory I will NEVER forget….staying in the Murray Hotel…I mean it’s historical…

  5. ben says:

    dirty dirty hotel with bugs

    • admin says:

      This site is about the photo’s and a little bit of info, I am not recommending or otherwise; just photographing. Thanks for the post all the same.

  6. Ed Potter says:

    Great shot, love the mottled light.

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