Man Doing Dishes

Man Doing Dishes

If your like me you absolutely hate doing the dishes. I’m married have a son and do NOT have a dishwasher. Guys its not acceptable for when your wife ask’s about getting a dishwasher you respond by saying “I thought I married one”. This will not improve your life. This is a step by step on how to get out of doing the dishes. My wife use to ask me from time to time to do the dishes, but not anymore.

  1. The first step begins when your wife asks you to do the dishes. Jump up and say I got this!
  2. Make sure you put way too much soap in the sink so it bubbles over a bit this way your wife will assume that your making a mess. Also, use moderately warm water and constantly complain while your doing the dishes that the water is too HOT for your sensitive hands.
  3. Make sure you do a good jobwith your kids dishes cause you really don’t want them using partially cleaned dishes. But when your doing the dishes that both you and your wife use leave a few rice nuggets, or some cheese, something that indicates that a poor job was done.
  4. After you wash the dishes or partially wash the dishes, just place the dishes directly on the counter top without using any sort of towel to catch the dripping water. This may seem minor to us men but its a huge NO NO for the wife.
  5. Now its time to put the dishes away. You may have lived in the housefor as long as your wife has but pretend that its the first time you have ever entered the kitchen. Put the plates where the cups go, cups down below, don’t line up the Tupperware. I think you get the drift.
  6. THIS IS A WARNING!!!! YOU WILL GET A TONGUE LASHING FROM YOUR WIFE WHEN SHE SEE’S HOW YOU DID THE DISHES. The best defense for this is are best attribute, just act dumb. “What do you mean?” “That doesn’t go there?”.
  7. The final step occurs the next time your wife says, i really don’t want to do the dishes. Jump up from your seat and say ” I Got This Babe”. She is sure to say “Oh NO you wont, not after last time”. Act hurt feelings but inside say “mission accomplished”.
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